Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Yeah! New Covers

If I had the money...don't we think that all the time? And yet one of the reasons we went to cloth was cost effectiveness. Anyway, two diaper covers was NOT "covering it" for us with Baby J. I did some work for a friend and used the money to buy two more. One is just another regular one to go over my birds eye flats, and the other is an all-in-one...WOW. I LOVE IT. I use it for nightitme when he needs more absorbancy. If I had the money I'd have all all-in-ones. And I'd probably get bum genius so I didn't have to buy more than one size, as I'll have to do as Baby J grows. However, my Thirsties work great and are still way cheaper for me. If you're thinking about cloth, here's some things I've figured.

Bum Genius 3.0 retail at about $17.95 each...and you have to figure you're gonna use at least eight a day and need at least two days of them. Minimum you'd spend $287.20-up front.

With my Thirsties I spend $11.25 per cover and have 3 covers plus one all-in-one at $17. (and I need two all-in-ones to rotate...just don't have the cash yet). There are 4 sizes of Thirsties to buy as your baby grows- so that is $271 total-over the first two years, not all at once. You have to figure though that I make my own soakers (out of leftover fleece) and wash and wash and wash my liners (of the 100 or so that came in the roll I'm still using my first 15) and I got all my tri-folds and birds eye flats for free from my mom who had hung on to them.
If I was starting cold turkey, nothing given to me, all the money in the world I'd do Bum Genius.

Hanging my wet (clean) diapers in the boys room every other day has been great for keeping some moisture in the air in their room as the temperature drops.