Friday, May 29, 2009

Diapers On Sale

Most people who cloth diaper do not do it 100% of the time, either for practicality purposes (you know, like a week long camping trip with no washing machine), or because their church or another organization with childcare won't allow it, or they just need a break.

We use sposies for church and will be using them when my mom watches our kids for 2 weeks (while I am working at camp). When we aren't using cloth, we use 7th Generation chlorine free. They are not cheap, but when you use 2-3 a week, they aren't terrible.

Anyway, we got them for $10.49/package at Kroger's this week. That is $4 off! Plus, over by the organic produce there was a coupon book (several, if you live near Xenia) that was left over from Earth Day in a little stand and it had a coupon for $1 off if you bought two 7th Generation products. We needed two packages for those two weeks, so we got them for $20 total! Now, compared to Sam's Club or Costco brand, that isn't any big deal (probably a bad deal), but compared to chemical free is fantastic!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

These Are A Few Couple Of My Favorite Things

These are a few couple of my favorite things....about cloth diapering!

Baby J napping in his nappie.
Birdseye flat under Thirsties cover

Snug refuses to wear a sposie to bed, but he is ok with a CD (or an occasional pull-up which we haven't had much success with). Lucky for us he is using his same CD for 2-3 days in a row as he's been dry 99% of the time at nap time and 50% of the time overnight!
Birdseye flat with bamboo insert under Thirsties cover

I realize this is not such the great shot with my little tree in the way, but freshly laundered diapers on the line always make me happy!

Friday, May 1, 2009

New Birds Eye Flats

I didn't take a picture of my new flats, and I really need to because I haven't photographed my lil clothed baby on this blog in SO long. I have a family blog ( and I post lots there.

Anyway due to Baby J's recent growth spurt miracle I needed some new covers badly. He had been wearing the same size small I ordered from Thirsties last October! Now don't get me wrong, they are made to fit for quite awhile, but 7 months is a bit long. He had 2 medium covers that we used overnight with several layers of bamboo inserts and flats, but those don't go far, and I only wash my diapers every two days.

We've been using sposies* that we ordered from (7th generation brand) for our upcoming trip to Virginia Beach because we don't have enough cloths right now. I had ordered size 2 and 3 for him not sure how big he'd be for the trip. Well, I have been using the size 2s because by the time that trip comes he won't be able to wear the size 2's anyway! 7th generation diapers are Chlorine free and better for the environment, so if we need to use sposies, those are what we use.

Anyway, along with the new covers (one is pictured above) I needed some new flats. When I first started CDing (cloth diapering) in October my mom gave me all of my old flats and prefolds. Well, they are getting a bit holey now...but they have had some good days. They went through me, my brother, and a few months of Baby J and Snug (overnight). We've tried to surge the edges of some of them, and there are some that still have life in them, but most of them are getting pretty bad.

I tried buying some pre-folds from Wal-Mart that were Gerber brand. Oh my goodness...that was a big waste of money. Within a few uses they were all "pilled" up and shrank big time. They also are not great at absorbency.

I decided this time to turn to Cotton Babies who are really trusted in the CD world. My 12 birdseye flats arrived today, along with 2 new wet bags (a MUST if you are going to use them out of the house). When you first get new cloth diapers they come very slick and would be pointless to use.

Currently my diapers are sitting in the bathroom sink in a cold overnight soak. Then they will be washed in with a couple of loads of regular laundry (no softener, no dryer sheets...we use Charlie's Soap so we don't even need them) and then be ready for use. They need to be washed like this so that the fibers are ready to be absorbent. Right now they could be used as rain gear!
Anyway, I will try to post later and let you know how my new flats are working out...can't wait!
*disposable diapers