Friday, May 29, 2009

Diapers On Sale

Most people who cloth diaper do not do it 100% of the time, either for practicality purposes (you know, like a week long camping trip with no washing machine), or because their church or another organization with childcare won't allow it, or they just need a break.

We use sposies for church and will be using them when my mom watches our kids for 2 weeks (while I am working at camp). When we aren't using cloth, we use 7th Generation chlorine free. They are not cheap, but when you use 2-3 a week, they aren't terrible.

Anyway, we got them for $10.49/package at Kroger's this week. That is $4 off! Plus, over by the organic produce there was a coupon book (several, if you live near Xenia) that was left over from Earth Day in a little stand and it had a coupon for $1 off if you bought two 7th Generation products. We needed two packages for those two weeks, so we got them for $20 total! Now, compared to Sam's Club or Costco brand, that isn't any big deal (probably a bad deal), but compared to chemical free is fantastic!

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