Friday, August 27, 2010

Diaper Stripping 101

Thinking my kids were sharing some kind of a bacterial infection (they aren't), I went ahead and stripped my diapers again this week.

Diaper stripping is useful if your child does indeed had a bacterial infection or if your diapers are leaky/stinky.

I boil water on the stove and boil all of my (CLEAN) inserts/flats/prefolds/anything that doesn't have PUL. Even using a non-additive cloth diaper friendly detergent, I still manage to get some soapiness in my water from previous washes.

Next I put these in the washer with all of my pockets/AIOs/covers and put them through warm/hot rinse cycles...I do 8. I know that sounds like quite a bit...but this is not the normal laundering, it is a strip. Then I hang them in the sun to dry. The sun is a natural brightener/bacteria killer.

Even though I don't have to worry that either of my kids had a bacterial infection, I still have beautiful white, clean diapers!

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