Monday, March 30, 2009

Of Charlies and Such

Ok, so I have switched from Melaleuca laundry soap to Charlie's. Wow. I am SO happy. Not only is that horrible urine smell GONE (it was starting to linger like a stray cat you once fed) but it also is good for the environment (like Melaleuca) and it also has been getting some of the stench smell out of my husband's work out clothes.
Here is how I wash my diapers these days:
1. I was every other day.
2. I use the "large load" setting so that there is lots of water to be washed in.
3. I send them through a rinse cycle with about 1/8 c. of white vinegar.
3. I wash them with 1 tbs of Charlie's
4. I either dry them in the dryer, or if it is nice out I line dry them. Sometimes in the winter when it is dry in the house I will hang them on a drying rack in the boy's room so that they get the benefit of the humidity and I don't waste energy with the dryer!
So as I was perusing blog world I came across these awesome posts about cloth diapering. ENJOY!
They answer GREAT cloth diapering questions about saving money, environmental factors, and why disposables are so bad for your baby's bum!

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ღJessicaღ said...

I love Charley's soap. It does an amazing job not only getting the smell out but any stains too! I only use it for my diapers though cause it could get a little expensive washing for a family of 5. I have always washed in a small load. I'll have to try the large load next time. And I soak mine in vinager and water before I wash them. Do you do that?