Saturday, August 1, 2009

Make Your OWN Ring Sling

I made the above ring sling right before Baby J was born, and I made 3 or 4 others when Snug was a baby. Today I stumbled upon a site that had the directions FOR FREE so if you want to attempt it, go here
I was looking for directions or tips on how to make one of these that I got from Kangaroo Korner for Christmas (modeled by my SIL). My cousin Melissa called me this week wanting to know if I knew how to do it. I don't, sadly. I am going to go keep looking though because I have some BEAUTIFUL batik material I'd like to use. If I don't have enough material, or sufficient finds, I'll just make it into a longer ring sling as the one I have (top picture) hardly has a tail anymore! Praise God Baby J has grown that much!

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Together We Save said...

I love these slings. I wish I had known about them when mine were babies.