Monday, September 14, 2009

Used Diapers

I would say probably 80% of my cloth diaper stash is used. How many people can say that about their disposables? "Oh, I went out this weekend and bought some used disposables at 1/4 the price." How about "Hey! I sold all of my used disposables and got $200!" I don't think so :o)

When I first started CDing, I was using the flats and pre-folds that my little brother and I had used as babies. They lasted that long. Now, after 20 some (we won't say exactly) years and four babies (Snug + Baby J used them too) they have almost all ripped and turned into rags, although a few are still hanging on. Talk about re-using diapers!

My husband does not hate using cloth diapers (I've heard of many who do), but once we started getting a few AIOs (not my favorite) and pockets (LOVE them), he started a small stand against flats/prefolds/Snappis with a separate cover. So I am on a quest to (slowly) replace all of our flats with pockets (or fitteds...we have the covers so we might as well use them).

The picture above is of 3 homemade (really well made) pockets with three inserts. They say they were used, but I wouldn't have known. They are in perfect condition. I won them on E-Bay for $20, and there was no shipping charge. That is $6.67 a piece, and they had inserts to boot. Nice.

Because they have snaps, they can be used from babies probably about 2 months old and Baby J will get a few months use from them too. Lets say he alone wears each one 3 times a week. That is 12 times a month (per diaper...I bought 3). Ok, he'll fit in them until he hits about 30 lbs....I give him at least 6 months for that so one diaper is up to 72 times he will use it. That means that each of those diapers will cost about 9 cents a wear for Baby J. But then remember another Dray baby could wear it sometime...or mommy could easily re-sell it for $5. So even if he only wore each of those new diapers 72 times, and then I sold them, it would have cost me about 2 cents each time I changed him.

I checked out Luv's diapers online, and they were between 14 and 20 cents per diaper, depending on the size. They are usually cheaper than Huggies or Pampers, but a bit more than store brand. I don't think they will be using them 72 times a piece...and I am 100% sure no one wants to buy them once they have been used :o)

So yep, my baby wears used diapers...and we love them!

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