Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Bullet Proof

Pretty sure I've over posted this picture between this and my family blog www.thedraystoday.blogspot.com . But I want you to look closely at that BEAUTIFUL green diaper hanging in the middle. It is the only photographic evidence that I own a Bum Genius diaper. Yes, yes, after using cloth for over 18 months, I finally have my own BG diaper...er Little Monkey has one.
This is the kind of Bum Genius I use. It is a one size diaper, but they also sell AIOs. I wanted a one size as I will (*very) soon have two in diapers. My color is "ribbit" one of their most popular. I am about to have 2 white, a Zinnia, and a blossom because of the buy $10 in BG and get a diaper free.

Here's a diagram of how this diaper works. But that isn't what made it bullet proof for me today.
We have been working really hard to be ready to move into our new (to us) house this weekend. That means we are away from our rental house quite a bit. I cloth on the go (some people use disposables when away from home) and it is always harder to remember to change diapers when not at home. Knowing that, I tried something today that worked SO well.
I am ashamed to say that even though this worked, he wore the same diaper for about 5 hours today. YIKES. That is so not even cool. Sorry Little Monkey.
What I did was put 2 gDiaper inserts into my BumGenius pocket (one size). NOT a leak. Not even a hint. And that boy drinks water like it is going out of style. Let me tell you, when I finally changed him, I think it weighed close to 5 lbs. But it was bullet proof!

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