Saturday, November 15, 2008


How do you put them on? Where do you get your stuff? What is that?
First I'll show you what I use and where I got it.

These are my diaper liners. I got mine at
I like them because they are machine washable/dryable. Unless they have been pooed on I just throw them with the diaper into my diaper pail. I usually just hang them dry too. Oh yeah, and flushable.
Because I use tri-fold or Birdseye flat diapers I use a diaper cover. I got mine at They were recommended to me by several people I talked to who use cloth.

This thing is awesome! It is a Snappi. I got mine new on E-bay. You can also buy them on various cloth diaper sites.

Here is the part of the show when Jenney comes out and tells us how to.
In this illustration I will be using my favorite-tri fold. You can get these at Wal-Mart (yes, IN the store, amazing you don't have to go online).
Lay the diaper flat on the floor...see this is so hard.

Fold the bottom part of the diaper in as shown. Leave "wings" at the top.

I am so sorry about this view. If I knew how to edit it, I would. Lay the liner on the diaper and lay the baby in it with the "wings" a little higher than the hips.

Bring the front of the diaper up and the "wings" in. Hold with your non-dominant hand.

Stretch the Snappi from one side to another and then pull the middle tab down and hook. (Snappi fasteners have little teeth things that grab the cloth...they are really flexible little rubber band things)

Put the diaper cover on snugly using the Velcro. Baby J loves it!

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