Friday, November 21, 2008

Liners I Love

I use the imse vimse liners for...excriment...but I also have had some success using pieces of sewn fleece to absorb extra urine. I will post a picture of how I sew it someday. Basically I get fleece remnants from the fabric store or left overs from projects I have here, sew them into basic 4"x8" pieces (double thick) and stick them in the diaper! Fleece is so soft and it absorbs a lot of moisture. These have been working great while my boys are sleeping and not getting changed as often-also great for road trips!

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MamaBear said...

I love the imse vimse liners too. I tear them in half to make them go further. They wash up nicely. I also throw used wipes (urine only obviously) in my laundry bag and use them for liners. They come out so nice and soft and are surprisingly strong.

I've used Kushies liners before, but they aren't as soft.

I bought doublers that sound a lot like your the fleece ones you make. I use the brand Polar Babies.