Saturday, November 15, 2008

Why Cloth Crazy?

I am a recent 'convert' to cloth diapers. Although I was a bit nervous at first, I love using cloth. Although many people may think it is a bit weird, I truly believe that it is a great option for my kids. I get lots and lots of questions from people...this blog is to answer those questions and hopefully help anyone who is thinking of trying cloth.
Why the name cloth crazy? Well, I am told all the time I am "crazy" for using cloth and I guess I am "crazy about" using cloth!

Q: Why did I start using cloth?
A: It started with environmental reasons. I read several places about how they estimate a single disposable diaper will take over 200 years to decompose. We were throwing away at least one 'Wal-Mart' shopping bag a day at our house-ouch!
Next it moved to financial. My family is trying very hard to be debt free and use the money God has entrusted us with wisely. Cloth diapers are re-usable and durable. We save approx. $55 a month using cloth. (2 kids in diapers)
Finally I read some convincing articles online about the chemicals used to 'absorb' the moisture in disposable diapers...not sure I want my kids sitting in that stuff 24 hours a day.
SODIUM POLYACRYLATE, TBT (TRIBULYTIN), and DIOXIN are 3 chemicals used. Do an online search on them and see what you think. Other sites that talk about this are:
I noticed when I was changing my kids a gel like stuff stuck to them-and if the diapers had been in a pool there was TONS of it all over them.

Q: Doesn't it cost more in utility bills?
A: I only have to do a load of diapers once every other day. I line dry the diapers outside when it is nice, and on a drying rack when it isn't.

Q: How much did it cost you to start using cloth?
A: This was a concern of mine when we started...I looked at hundreds of websites looking at cost. In the end I was blessed because my mom still had all the cloths from when my brother and I were babies. I also bought 3 diaper covers (approx $12 each) and some Snappi fasteners (approx $10 for 5 of them). Last but defiantly not least I got diaper liners so that I don't have to flush and swirl-eeeewwwww. (Ok, I still do this, but not as bad as it could be)

Q: What do you do with the dirty diapers when you are out?
A: Due to my two loves of recycling and saving money. I put them in plastic bags that zip that were otherwise destined for the trash. Currently I am using the re-closable plastic bags that my baby wipes came in (I get them in bulk). You can buy special bags for your diaper bag, but I don't have the $$ for that yet.

Q: What do you do with the dirty diapers when you are at home?
A: I have a mesh laundry bag that I put down in a simple flip top garbage can. The lid is closed so it is not stinky (I add baking soda if it does start to smell) and all I have to do is pull out the mesh bag and wash it with the diapers when I do laundry.

Q: Do you ever use disposable?
A: Yeah. I use them overnight right now until I figure out something more absorbent to put in the diapers. I also use them if I am leaving my kids in a church nursery and I won't be the one changing them.
****Update...I now use fleece liners I've made to help with overnight absorbency so I do not use disposable overnight. Also I've trained a couple of teen nursery workers on how to use cloth and so I am taking disposables less and less.

I don't have all the answers, and even though I am loving cloth, it isn't perfect. Have questions for me? I'll try to answer them. I had tons of questions and had to do lots of investigating. Hopefully this will save you some time!

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