Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Still Learning...Still Loving

So I am still learning so much about cloth diapering...or as I see it abbreviated often CDing. I made the decision to temporarily put Snug in a disposable for a couple of days after dealing with diarrhea. A liner can only do so much in that case. We are also potty training him, but we can pull a diaper off his bum as fast as his little underoos...enough said.
I also have decided perhaps I am not going to make it with only two diaper covers for Baby J. Poor guy is in his big bro's rubber pants for potty training. Well, another load of laundry and I'll him out in a jiffy. I normally don't dry them, but once in awhile isn't supposed to hurt. Anyway here's some pics of him today.

My view as I nurse...lucky me! Look at those yummy little toes.

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